Albisabores, Lda.

ALBISABORES Quality Policy is guided by a continuous quality perspective and is based on the following commitments:

- Carry out an activity of importing, exporting and to market food and beverage products with rigor and professionalism, achieving client expectations and providing their full satisfaction and loyalty;

- Be proactive in identifying new opportunities / business areas that will help to evolve and grow our organization;

- Demonstrate ethical and commercial attitude, maintaining a healthy and trustful relationship with all suppliers and subcontractors assuring quality commitments;

- Ensuring a recognition and satisfaction of our employees, providing them with adequate working conditions and promoting the development of their technical and relational skills;

- Ensure all legal, regulatory, statutory or other requirements for the activity that we develop in the domestic market and in the foreign markets where we operate;

- Ensure compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001 and promote the identification and implementation of actions with the objective of continuously improve the performance and effectiveness of the Quality Management System and internal processes.